Some bastard out there thinks it's funny to name a virus after yours truly, Xjan.  Now Xjan ain't no common name like Bob, you know, like call it the fucking BOB Virus or the Winchel's Donut Virus for all I care.  But not the xjan virus.  Especially when the xjan virus's nickname is the "Red Plague!"  Well in any case, if you got infected, it ain't my fault biznatch.

So yeah, I was just randomly checkin the search engines to see if ye ole website was a poppin, and what magically appears before my eyes?   Two viruses named the Xjan Virus.

In detail, I've got both PP97M.XJAN.DR and PPointMacro/Xjan.A.  Commonly called, the xjan virus and in Denmark it's called the "Red Plague!"

Reading up on the virus on Symantec and various other virus protecting software I found the following info about the xjan virus.  The xjan virus originated in 97 and violently multiplied and it's still spreading as we speak.

The xjan virus is a "wild" virus that infects Microsoft Power Point 97 and above.   The gritty is that It's a macro virus written in visual basic that adds a file called slide 1 to the host file and then somehow that f*cks shit up.

Ok to wrap up, just don't name a virus after my ass!  Unless you can make it do something cool like it pops on screen and says "Welcome to your new Red Plague," or something neat like that and doesn't do no damage... that might be decent.