What's up peeps.   Here's a little article about one of my fave groups and how lame the music machine is here in the US.  There are no mutants... no guns... no crazy shit... nothing cybernetic about Moloko.  For that I'd steer you towards GWAR or the Aquabats... instead it's just a kick ass band that only gets the respect they're due when a track hits big at Ibiza... which it always seems to do.

Moloko consists of smoky-voiced chanteuse, Roisin Murphy, and mastermind producer Mark Brydon. They've been making music together since 94.  This is their fourth studio album together... but only the second album released in the U.S.

If I had to categorize Moloko, i'd have to say its mainly intelligent dance-pop... but with the combination of Roisin's voice and Brydon's masterful compositions.. it is definitely on another level.


"Familiar Feeling" is the first single off of "Statues" and follows in the vein of Moloko's Ibiza smashes "Sing it Back" and "Time is Now."  For the new album Moloko sat down and attempted to create a solid album... previous releases had been random style-wise... which I actually enjoyed... but their concentrated effort really does pay off.

For me it's all about the layers... how deep is your sound?  The toastiness of Roisin's voice... the guitars... the brass... the bass line... the fat synth.. the full fucking orchestra... they've perfected the Moloko sound.

The only bad thing is... that after listening to the tracks... it leaves me wanting more songs... and that usually takes a few years for Moloko.

Where are the multi-hour long albums?   Is it that difficult to create more material?  This IS your job, right?   Am I just greedy/selfish?  You let me know.


More importantly, Roisin is now single... and she's such a damn hottie.

"Statues" is the first album that Roisin and Mark have made as a non-couple.  But we aren't tormented by soul-wrenching sadness like Beck's new album or the depth of sorrow unleashed in any song by Dashboard Confessional.  Although there is nothing wrong with extreme sadness...  I just don't see how Moloko could play that off with a latin beat... but maybe they'll suprise me.


Moloko albums have always been a bit of a struggle to get a hold of here in the US.    When I started looking to purchase "Statues", I cruised the cd websites... most of them wanted 30 - 40 bucks to import the new album from England, Japan, Australia, wherever... oh and they'd throw in some bonus tracks I can get for free on any cd single... great... thanks.

Which makes me think, when someone in Japan wants the "American" version of an album... do they have to pay 40 bucks?  Most likely yes... which would explain why Kazaa and Limewire are so popular... and so necessary.

Anyway... you can now import this album for around 20 bucks... and even better you can listen to it for free at Moloko's official website.


Roisin has lended her voice to other projects... like Dan the Automator's "Handsome Boy Modeling School"... and she currently covered Pulp's "Sorted for E's and Whizz" out now as a Pulp single.

As a special bonus I've tracked down an older live album, available at absentmindedfans.pl, that you can download for free by clicking on "more stuff" below...

And check out the new album by clicking on any of the pictures and joining the molokoids.