Masuimi Max rocks! Masuimi Max --- she's the queen of disguises... one helluva beautiful lady... a firestarter with a perfect body...  featured in all types of magazines... here is her official website... where you can become a Masuimi addict. Buy me a membership too.. then I can die happy.
Varla Magazine! Varla Magazine --- hey you... stop checking out the models section and take a look at the network section for some great links to punk... rockabilly... goth... and various other stuff.
Go to Shagmart for all your Shag supplies! Shag, Josh Agle, is such a cool artist.  This is his online store for buying Shag stuff,   Check out some of his links to find some of his sold out prints.
The Best Lingerie I've ever never seen! This is the best lingerie I've ever never seen! Trashy lingerie is so NOT trashy, it's where all of Hollywood's superstar ladies shop... you get a membership card and everything, just like Bi-mart... only sexier.
fark is for farkers. Have you got the time to dedicate to Fark?  I never have, but if you do it's a really awesome list of weird news links that's up to minute and totally quirky.
Giant Robot Magazine & Store Giant Robot Magazine is very cool, but I wish it wasn't bi-monthly.  The store, here in LA, is equally cool and anything you can find there is also here online, so check it out.
Troma movies are so... Troma is the f*king best. Lloyd Kaufmann is currently filming the end to Tales from the Crapper... and he's always looking for talent, scripts, workers, food and money.