March - Beware the Ides of Bon Marche

Hello again my friends.  I've got so much to tell you and so little time.  My flux capacitator is fluxin and I got to get back... back to the tv.  Actually sweeps has swept and there shouldn't be much on -- other than 10 all new episodes of Angel.. mm... Faith...

Then again, fickle network programming loves to play tricks on me.  I should know better by now; to NOT stop watching television and go about my bizness.

One thing I've never told you... shhh it's a secret... is that if you click on the skulls at the bottom it will take you back to the main page.  Tell your friends, it's not really a secret... it's actually kinda helpful.

What is a secret though is the new products available over at check these mofo's out!

NEW from SHAG!

Senor Josh Agle (Shag) has some great new stuff out like these limited edition decanters and skull shot glasses!  Running about $250.  You can buy me one... I won't tell... just don't use your damn illegal American Express card again... you know who you are.... Shag's also released a new 12 color serigraph featuring a pirate-core bachelor with his oversized bottle of Vodka.. he's also got a groovy Palm Springs one coming out soon.

What's on the burner?... well I've got an inside look on some killer charities... new t-shirts that kick ass... inside scoop on the "Naked Trucker" burlesque show... a Q&A with Bruce Campbell from the Los Angeles debut of "Bubba Hotep"... rocking out with Death Cab for Cutie... a UCB secret meeting... and much much more.

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That's it - keep sending in those letters...

so long from HELLywood!