who let the ghost into my gi-joe stuff?April is for the fools

Hello my friends.  Another month has past us by.  We're deep into a war which frightens me.  Does it frighten me because now the world knows that we can be controlled by a moron?  Sure, but more because of the prophecies.

I remember back in the day when I would kick it watching Orson Welles play Nostradamus in the sunday matinee movie on local television.

Anyways... Nostradamus predicted all kinds of stuff that was right on the mark and then all of sudden he was totally off.  It was no longer the past that we were sizing up, but the future and everything became vague.  Even though it was vague, the things that Orson predicted... I did pay attention to.

Did any of it come true?  Lets see... No earthquakes splitting California in two... no titan wearing a red beret controlling the Arab world... no World War 3 that destroys the world...

Oh wait... Arab titan who wears a beret... World War 3... oh crap.

Well let's enjoy our last few years together ok?  King Hasser, of hasservision.com fame, spouts tales of the world ending in 2013... sounds about right to me.  Start your street combat classes soon my friends.

tanks for the memoriesEnd of the world... the 80's movie's prophets spoke of it... desert worlds filled with armored cars and roamed by hunky lads with 5-o-clock shadows.  Hunky lads that always had extreme skills with swords.

They'd roam and defend small towns... but only if they had hot chicks in them.

stinking solar babywhere does this guy use the restroom?These movies also brought us images of men with half-tank bodies.  Women in rainbow-colored spandex.  The end to printed books.  Water reclaimed from our urine.   Bounty hunters.  Shotguns.  Dune buggies.  Feral kids.   Metallic armor.  Ancient maps leading to a lost civilization's most valuable possessions.  And of course, the most famous of all, cyborgs.

Is that a robotic owl on his shoulder?Where are the cyborgs?  Where are the mutant warriors?  Why can't the cyborgs and the muties fight our wars on a man-made island in the middle of the ocean... we could make the island out of our garbage and toxic waste... and then televise the battles on tv... and whoever wins... wins?

They still air these f*ckers on tv.Anyways the eighties were filled with these post-apocalyptic films. 

What spawned these films?  Hopefully it was the money- making appeal of a Mad Max rip-off and not the prophetic teachings of Nostradamus.

Only time will tell.

I've got lots of articles in motion for all ya'll.  Keep sending in the letters and the photos of you kids dressed up in pirate gear rocks.  Lets hope April doesn't disappear as fast as March.